Scenic Cruises

We offer many Scenic Cruises such as Dana Point Harbor, Newport Harbor, Long Beach / Los Angeles Harbor, Queen Mary and even Catalina Island, many of which fall into the Half Day price range. Our captains and guides are very familiar with the history and past of various points of interest located within the areas you will be exploring. Even our home, Newport Harbor is an extremely Fascinating Cruise and is full of rich history and entrancing Tales of the past.

Sport Fishing

Southern California offers both coastal and offshore Sport fishing year-round. During the winter we tend to target local rockfish species as well as White Seabass,Halibut, and Yellowtail. The summertime offers up more opportunities for the bigger Pelagic gamefish such as Yellow and Bluefin Tuna, Dorado, and Bigger Yellowtail. We offer Shark fishing year round as Southern California has a very healthy Population of Mako, Blue and Thresher Sharks.

Shark Fishing

The waters off Orange County offer excellent Shark Fishing year round, with the current El Nino event in place there is a good chance of catching a Mako Shark in excess of 300lbs, and an almost certain chance of catching a good number of blue sharks. Mako Sharks are excellent table fare and put up a fantastic aerial show once Hooked. This trip is not for the faint of heart. Book now to have your chance of catching the ultimate predator. (limited load of 4 People, and equipment provided) $225 per...

Sunday Coastal Tour

These trips leaves from Newport Harbor at a leisurely 10am explores the coastline from the Newport Harbor entrance down the coast where you will have the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear calm waters of Emerald Bay. You will see California Sea lions, the Crystal Cove Kelp Beds, Dolphins and possibly even a Whale or two! Orange Juice and Cups Provided (Bring your own Champagne). This Five Hour tour is $75 per person

Jan 2, 2016 “Shark Fishing”

I took 3 people out on a special limited load shark fishing trip with the intention to find some trophy sized Mako Sharks. We left the dock around 6am and headed 35 miles offshore to a spot called the 277 where I saw warmer water on the satellite the day before. We arrived and started our chum slick. Almost instantly we had a 3-4 foot Blue Shark swimming around the boat.  We C.P.R.’d him (that’s “catch, photo, release) and continued our drift. After releasing two more bigger sized Blue Sharks I ...

Catalina Island Cove Tour

(Jan 30,2016) Join us as we explore the front side of Catalina Island. Starting from the Quaint Isthmus Harbor and ending in Avalon Harbor you will experience all the natural beauty Catalina Island has to offer. We will leave Newport Harbor at 8am and will return to the harbor around 6pm. This is an open party limited load trip (6 people or less) and is $125 per person.

Whale Watching

Newport Harbor is very favorably located in the migration path of many different species of whales including Fin, Grey, Blue and Humpback Whales. Generally, we see whales Year Round, and have even had a few trips this year that have gotten to see Killer whales. In addition, the fertile waters off our coast regularly produce large numbers of Dolphin including Bottlenose, Common and Pacific White-sided Dolphin.