Jan 2, 2016 “Shark Fishing”

I took 3 people out on a special limited load shark fishing trip with the intention to find some trophy sized Mako Sharks. We left the dock around 6am and headed 35 miles offshore to a spot called the 277 where I saw warmer water on the satellite the day before. We arrived and started our chum slick. Almost instantly we had a 3-4 foot Blue Shark swimming around the boat.  We C.P.R.’d him (that’s “catch, photo, release) and continued our drift. After releasing two more bigger sized Blue Sharks I made a decision to move closer to Catalina Island. We set a drift across the “Avalon Banks” and underwater high spot notorious for big Makos. After a 2 hour wait and just as the sun was setting behind the island the rod goes off! After an hour fight we got the fish to the boat. Another Blue Shark, but this one was the biggest of the day, after removing the hook and releasing him we headed back home. I estimated the last shark to be around the 200lb Mark. No Makos, but all in all a great day on the water!

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